3-Year Yellow Cheddar
$8.99 reg. $10.99
This cheese is concentrated with a pleasing balance. Taste it and remember why Wisconsin is the largest producer of cheese in the nation.

6-Year Yellow Cheddar
$13.99 reg. $16.99
Don’t let the color fool you. Annatto (a common tasteless food coloring made from a seed) was used to balance the color of milk throughout the year.

Bright Meadow Cheddar
$14.99 reg. $17.99
Steckler uses 100% grassfed milk fresh from their own Dutch Belted dairy herd to make this delicious cheddar

$11.99 reg. $14.99
This Gouda presents intense, concentrated parmesan-like flavor tones with sweet caramel notes. Due to its superior aging, this cheese is creamy on the palate yet crunchy with umami crystals.

St. Joseph Aged 2 Months
$11.99 reg. $13.99
Young and mild, flavorful and creamy. Pairs well with Chenin Blanc or Merlot.


Yahara Bay Ancora Caffee Liqueur 375ml
$17.99 reg. $21.99
Yahara Bay Caffee liqueur is a blend of Ancora coffee–roasted locally in Wisconsin–and their own whiskey. Blending with whiskey is unusual in the liqueur world where blending with neutral grain spirit (vodka) is much more common. We take this to mean the liqueur will have complementary bread / grain flavor profile with the whiskey.

Trader Vic’s Kona Coffee Liqueur
$14.99 reg. $19.99
Cultivated in the Kona District of the “Big Island” of Hawaii, Kona coffee beans grown in this area are revered by coffee lovers more than any other. This liqueur captures the famous flavor of the beans for a smooth addition to any cocktail.

Journeyman Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur
$27.99 reg. $29.99
Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur is an enticing organic coffee liqueur using our un-aged Featherbone Bourbon as the base spirit. We soak the coffee grounds from Needmore Coffee Roasters, in the Bourbon base for 5 days, adding vanilla and cinnamon throughout that time. Then we cut it with water and organic sweetener. At 40-proof our Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur is soft & velvety with a delightful balance of vanilla and coffee bean flavor. The face behind the Snaggle Tooth Coffee Liqueur is, Ruby, a Brussels Griffon Terrier with a lot of personality and a Snaggle Tooth to match.

Bittermens New Orleans Coffee Liqueur 375ml
$33.99 reg. $37.99
Our New Orleans Coffee Liqueur blends New Orleans-sourced coffee beans from Brazil with organic roasted French chicory root. We then add a touch of vanilla and a handful of cacao nibs, sweetening the final liqueur with a domestic Belgian-style candi syrup.

J. Rieger Caffe Amaro
$33.99 reg. $37.99
Our Caffè Amaro is a one of a kind take on coffee liqueurs. Amaro is a category of liqueur characterized by its bitter, herbal, and slightly sweet flavor which stems from the use of botanicals, herbs, and cane syrup. Caffè Amaro is a collaborative spirit with Kansas City-based coffee roasters, Thou Mayest who selects a single origin coffee roast that we utilize to contribute to the flavors the botanicals generate. Our Caffé Amaro spends a brief amount of time in a whiskey barrel resulting in a rich, bittersweet flavor that works great in cocktails or can be enjoyed by itself after a meal.

Breckenridge Espresso Flavored Vodka
$18.99 reg. $21.99
Full-bodied, roasted to perfection, local decaf espresso is cold infused with our vodka and natural flavors. Earthy, roasted espresso melds with pure maple syrup to create a pronounced vanilla finish that’s not excessively sweet. Reminiscent of a chocolate and maple-drizzled waffle and a warm cup of coffee.



Rodney Strong
Chalk Hill

$15.99 Reg. $18.99

Winery Notes
Rodney Strong 2018 Chalk Hill Chardonnay boasts toasty vanilla and spice due to time spent in seasoned French oak barrels during fermentation. During the 11 months of barrel aging, the winery regularly stirred the lees in barrel, which imparts an elegant fullness and creamy texture on the palate. In the glass, the wine is both creamy and crisp, with flavors of golden pear, vanilla, Meyer lemon, and a hint of minerality on the long finish. Enjoy with soft cheeses, fresh crab, or roasted pork loin.

Napa Valley

$16.99 Reg. $19.99

Winery Notes
Fragrant aromas of crisp apple, citrus led by lemon zest and lime, lemon crème and toasted hazelnut lead to a richly textured wine with layers of similar flavors, enhanced with a honey almond and stone fruit character. A luminous, pale gold color hints at the nicely balanced and elegant entry with bright acidity and creamy roundness. The finish is persistent and memorable.


Sonoma County

$22.99 Reg. $25.99

90 Points Wine Spectator

Winery Notes
An expressive burst of aromas of deep dark fruits lead into layered tones of lifted red fruit and a soft, luscious mid-palate. A juicy, vibrant entry with notes of mint, sarsaparilla, and fresh plum is interwoven with supple, textured tannins and acidity on the long, complex finish.This wine is lovely paired with grilled steak, sausage and peppers with cheesy polenta, or pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces such as baked rigatoni or pappardelle Bolognese. Semi-hard cheeses such as dry jack – our favorite is from a local Sonoma producer, Vella Cheese Company – and aged cheddar or gouda are great pairing suggestions for happy hour or a last minute get together.

Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir

$19.99 Reg. $27.99

Winery Notes
Thick, tannic and generous in oak, this is hearty, full-bodied red from a mix of vineyards in the appellation. Bright threads of orange, strawberry and dried herb pepper the core, which leads to a luxuriously opulent finish.
The Davis Bynum Winery story begins in 1951 when Davis Bynum, then a young newspaper man for the San Francisco Chronicle, bought 50 pounds of grapes from Robert Mondavi and made 3.5 gallons of petite sirah. “It wasn’t a great wine,” says Davis, “but then we drank it all before it was six months old!”


Phase Three
Brave Noise

Hazy Pale Ale
4pk 16oz can

Brewer’s Notes:

Part of a global beer collaboration, hopped with Sabro and Mosaic, this beer throws off aromas of coconut and strawberry. Brave Noise is advocating for safe spaces and inclusive environments, and proceeds from sales of our version benefit Healing to Action.
To learn more about the Bave Noise initiative please visit:
Brave Noise: A collaboration with a big goal (


Avery The Kaiser Imperial Oktoberfest
$11.99 | 6pk can
Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen
$11.99 | 4pk btl
Bell’s Octoberfest Lager
$10.99 | 6pk btl
Blind Pig Oktoberfest Marzen Lager
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Brooklyn Oktoberfest Lager
$8.99 | 6pk btl
Brooklyn Post Road Pumpkin Ale
$8.99 | 6pk btl
Great Lakes Oktoberfest Marzen
$9.99 | 6pk btl
Hopewell Endgrain Oktoberfest Marzen
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Left Hand Oktoberfest Lager
$10.99 | 6pk can
Maplewood Festbier Lager
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Marz Oktoberfestbier
$12.99 | 4pk 12oz can
Southern Tier Cold Brew Coffee Pumking Nitro
$14.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Southern Tier Harvest IPA
$10.99 | 6pk btl
Southern Tier Pumking
$14.99 | 4pk btl
Southern Tier Pumking Nitro
$14.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Urban Chestnut Okatz Oktoberfest
$6.99 | 4pk 16oz can


Alarmist Crispy Boy German Pilsner
$9.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Alarmist Java Jus Hazy IPA w/ Coffee
$14.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Alarmist Le Jus Hazy IPA
$13.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Alarmist Pantsless Pale Ale
$9.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Alesmith Speedway Stout
$12.99 | 4pk 12oz btl
Alesmith Speedway Stout: Mexican Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt & Mexican Coffee
$4.99 | 16oz can

Destihl Haze Of The Dead Hazy DIPA
$12.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Dupont Saison
$14.99 | 4pk btl
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale
$16.99 | 4pk btl
Middle Brow Bungalow Lager
$7.99 | 4pk 12oz can
Middle Brow White Light Witbier
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can
On Tour Reprise West Coast IPA
$11.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Phase Three Brave Noise Hazy Pale Ale
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Pig Minds Kloude No. 12 Hazy DIPA
$12.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Pilsner Urquell
$9.99 | 6pk btl
Toppling Goliath Pseudo Sue Hazy Pale Ale
$11.99 | 4pk 16oz can
Transient Henry American Porter
$13.99 | 4pk 16oz can