Au Baron Cuvee des Jonquilles Biere de Garde 750ml

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French Farmhouse Ale | 7% abv

Jonquilles are daffodils, which pop up all around the restaurant in the spring. The beer is perhaps the most complex of all the French beers, quite like a Belgian saison, and reminiscent of the classic examples of that style from Brasserie Dupont and Brasserie de Blaugies. The Cuvée de Jonquilles is earthy, a little fruity, and richly rewarding, with a perfect balance of bready malt flavors and refreshing hop bitterness. Although it is described on the label as a bière de garde, it is refreshingly well-hopped compared to most modern French bieres de garde. It is also one of very few French beers that is bottle-conditioned, with live yeast left unfiltered in the bottle, where they quietly continues fermenting the beer, keeping it lively and fresh, and causing an interesting evolution in the flavor over time.