Mikerphone Pick of Destiny 19: A Plethora of Pinatas BA Imperial Stout 500ml

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BA Imperial Stout | 15.28% abv

Triple mash Imperial stout aged 18 months in a single Eagle Rare 10yr Kentucky straight bourbon barrel.
Picked by Artale & Co., The Olympic Tavern, and Ernie's Midtown Pub.

Back in April we had the incredible opportunity to participate in Mikerphone's Pick of Destiny program. So we teamed up with our good buddies over at Olympic and Ernie's to share the wealth. We spent an afternoon blind tasting and analyzing 10 different barrel samples. No information about the beer style, barrel type, or ageing time was revealed until we had come to a consensus and made our final pick, and, boy, did we end up with a doozie. Mike revealed that the barrel contained their first batch of a triple mash impererial stout. No additional bells or whistles..or pinatas...just pure stout and barrel expression.

Why did we name it A Plethora of Pinatas? Ask us when you stop in!