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Queso Tres Leches
$11.99 reg. $13.99
The distinctive piquant taste of this white cheese ranges from nutty to fruity. It has a rich, buttery texture. 

Horseradish and Chive Havarti
$8.99 reg. $10.99
Surprising ingredients come to life in every bite. Fresh chives, horseradish, and mustard seeds combine to surprise every taste bud.

3-Year Yellow Cheddar
$8.99 reg. $10.99
This cheese is concentrated with a pleasing balance. Taste it and remember why Wisconsin is the largest producer of cheese in the nation.

6-Year Yellow Cheddar
$14.99 reg. $16.99
Don’t let the color fool you. Annatto (a common tasteless food coloring made from a seed) was used to balance the color of milk throughout the year.

10-Year White Cheddar
$23.99 reg. $26.99
This cheddar is intense and concentrated with predominating sharpness.


Jeptha Creed Distillery
Shelbyville, Kentucky

Jeptha Creed Distillery uses old fashioned methods to meet today’s demanding modern tastes. We use only the finest ingredients, locally grown and sourced to ensure our products meet the highest expectations for quality and flavor. You could say we’re history in the making, but really we’re making old fashion new. Owned and operated by dynamic mother-and-daughter duo Joyce and Autumn Nethery, Jeptha Creed sits on 64 acres of farmland, where we grow the Bloody Butcher Corn we use for all of our products. One of the things we’re most proud of here at Jeptha Creed is our commitment to the ground to glass concept. Whenever we can, we grow the ingredients that we use in our spirits.

Jeptha Creed Straight Kentucky Bourbon
Many distilleries put the focus on the wheat or rye components of their mash bill, but since bourbon is always at least 51% corn, the Netherys wanted to be thoughtful about selecting their corn. The idea of using an heirloom varietal came from Joyce, who had been experimenting with heirloom vegetables in her own garden. As a test, they grew one field of Bloody Butcher corn, and one field of non-GMO yellow corn. When fall came and the corn ripened, they noticed an intriguing behavior from the local wildlife: animals would walk through the yellow corn fields to reach the Bloody Butcher corn, eating the crimson kernels and sleeping among the yellow. The Netherys knew they had made a key discovery for the future of Jeptha Creed.

Jeptha Creed Kentucky Original Vodka
Crafted from Heirloom Bloody Butcher corn and distilled for maximum purity of flavor, our Original Vodka is so smooth, George Clooney could take lessons. Sit back and sip it neat or blend it into a custom cocktail.

Jeptha Creed Blueberry Flavored Vodka
Blueberries just taste better when they’re locally grown, so we’ve hand-selected the berries used in our blend from nearby farms. Fruity, tangy and reminiscent of summer sweetness, our Blueberry Vodka is infused and macerated with real, locally sourced blueberries that can be enjoyed neat or swirled into a custom cocktail.

Jeptha Creed Hot Pepper Flavored Vodka
Spicy pepper kick adds a little flavor to your day to spice things up! Perfect for a Sunday Bloody Mary. Our 100% corn vodka infused with Serrano peppers, Jalapeno peppers, Anaheim peppers, and garlic.




Brunello di Montalcino
$58.99 Reg. $63.99
Winery Notes
Balsamic aromas of wild thyme, juniper, eucalyptus and pine lead off, with cherry and plum fruit at the core. There’s latent energy that’s restrained for now by the grip of tannins, yet this is lithe and nimble despite the solid structure.
95 Points Wine Spectator

Tenute Silvio Nardi

Brunello di Montalcino
$54.99 Reg. $74.99
Winery Notes
Beautifully polished and bright, the Tenute Silvio Nardi 2015 Brunello di Montalcino offers a textbook rendition from this slightly warm vintage. The wine sketches out classic lines with a generous and full array of Sangiovese aromas. These range from wild fruit and dried cherry to tilled earth, cola and balsam herb. There’s a pretty note of blue flower or lilac as well for added elegance. The finish is smooth with integrated tannins and balanced acidity. All the elements work harmoniously here and would be nicely accentuated by a spezzatino di maiale, or pork shoulder slow-cooked with tomato, shallots, red wine and peas.

Col D’Orcia

Rosso di Montalcino
$21.99 Reg. $29.99
Winery Notes
A soft, delicious red with crushed berry and cherry character. Full body, round, velvety tannins and a flavorful finish. From organically grown grapes. Drink or hold.
92 Points James Suckling



$59.99 Reg. $69.99
Winery Notes
The bouquet is elegant with hints of red mature fruits, leather, tobacco and sensations of oak, while on the palate the powerful structure emerges with a long persistent finish.
90 Points Wine Spectator

Vite Colte

Barbaresco Riserva
$36.99 Reg. $39.99
Winery Notes
Dark plums, cherry liqueur and lots of cinnamon and spices, but also a fresher, herbal thread with heather and bracken. Full-bodied and dense on the palate, which frames layers of plush red fruit against very muscular tannins. Long and very chewy on the finish.
95 Points James Suckling

Monchiero Carbone
Mon Birone

Barbera D’ Alba
 Reg. $39.99
Winery Notes
Color: deep, with intense shades of ruby-red enhanced by purplish hues. Nose: excellent, layered and complex intensity and finesse, with aromas ranging from cocoa to toasted coffee to spices (juniper berries) and hints of cherry and plum. Taste: great power showing on entry, with an alcoholic content that ensures initial smoothness immediately balanced out by an acidity which softens the fruity pulp. The finish is long and fresh, providing a nice balance between the fruit and the oak. Pairings: with its alcohol content and good acidity, it is recommended with all slow-cooked meat dishes, such as pork loin, stewed veal shank or beef stewed in red wine.


Dolcetto D’Alba
$19.99 Reg. $24.99
Winery Notes
The visual impact is a beautiful purple red very bright. The olfactory analysis reminds of fruit and typical aromas, including red cherry. The taste is a very nice balance among tannins, acidity and alcohol, so that the wine is sapid and pleasant. The aftertaste, slightly bitter, reminds of almonds which is the very typical characteristic of this wine.


German-style Golden Lager
4pk 16oz can

Brewer’s Notes:
Brewed with the finest German malts and noble hops; a super-drinkable lager that can be swigged or sipped during your end of summer festivities. Our festbier is a deep golden color and bold in flavor without being too heavy. Expect elegant malt notes with a light hop character.

Zum Wohl!


2nd Shift Citra-fied DDH Little Big Hop IPA
$9.99 | 4pk 16oz can

4 Hands Absence of Light Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can

4 Hands Chocolate Milk Stout
$9.99 | 6pk 12oz can

Alarmist Le Jus Hazy IPA
$13.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Alarmist Pantsless Pale Ale
$9.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Glutenberg Double IPA (Gluten Free)
$12.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Half Acre Grow Greater Englewood IPA
$12.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Middle Brow Fresher Crush IPA
$11.99 | 4pk 16oz can

MORE Loose Candies DDH DIPA
$16.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Pipeworks Hey, Careful Man…White Russian Imperial Stout
$5.99 | 16oz can

Rochefort 10 Trappist Ale
$6.99 | 330ml

Saint Errant Lost Frequency DDH IPA
$15.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Spiteful Working For The Weekend DIPA
$10.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Transient Cosmic Juice Hazy DIPA
$17.99 | 4pk 16oz can

Traquair House Scottish Ale
$6.99 | 500ml